Title: The Gilded Harvest

Author: Richard Myerscough

Pages: 261
Description: Repeated global crop failures caused man’s ideals to fade. In less than a decade his gilded prize switched from monetary to human flesh.
After the ice from a mini global freeze melted, people began to emerge from their underground complexes. Unprepared for a harsh surface life, the naïve were butchered while the shrewd adapted. Reduced to using crude black powder, rival clans hunted each other for meat.
Sarah was brutally hobbled after her family was butchered. Her foreign beliefs made her baulk the laws governing her captures. Curious about the fate of the rest of her clan, she joined some of her capturers in their bloody quest to survive.
Amidst the battling hordes of cannibals and cunning opportunists, no was safe. As the species fed upon itself, even man’s future was bleak.
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