Love in the Victory Garden<br>

Love in the Victory Garden

Author: Cece Whittaker

Pages: 187
Description: In 1944, many worries and anxieties of women on the home front were soothed in the peace and loving comfort of the church, and in doing for others. But why did that redhead always have to torment Joan? After all, she’d lost the battle for Dick Thimble’s attentions—hadn’t she? And why didn’t Harry write to Helen, for that matter why didn’t Annie hear from Sylvester? What was going on with those soldiers who were stationed in Florida—or were they? If Bernice had been accepted into the convent as a postulant right away, she would never have had to try to understand those feelings she’d had watching a mother with her baby, or that letter from Henry. Worst of all, where in the world was Monsignor Kuchesky? This story picks up characters from The Call to Serve and advances their lives through that frightening summer of 1944 and beyond. It attempts to show how love can endure, in all its forms, through adversity, distance, and just life in general.
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