The Crone: Woman of Age, Wisdom, and Power<br>

The Crone: Woman of Age, Wisdom, and Power

Author: Barbara G. Walker

ISBN: 9780062509345
Pages: 191
Description: I applaud Walker for the extensive reading she’s done in anthropology, archetype psychology and history, but I find her arguments too extreme. Even the most basic reciting of facts are put into a narrative that is extremely negative towards all men through all history. While I do agree that societies benefit when the power of women is acknowledged and celebrated, I don’t want an inversion of the hierarchy.

Take for example the following paragraph that lists strengths mature women possess but only as embedded in a narrative of how these strengths are extinguished:

« Patriarchal men wishes woman to continue playing the part of the unpaid, but tirelessly devoted, nurturer, long after its biological foundation has crumbled, and after he ceases to grant her even the specious significance of a sex object. One reason is that patriarchal man must deny woman the essential later-life functions she naturally assumed in prepartriachal societies: healer, judge, wise-woman, arbiter of ethical and moral law, owner of the sacred lore, mediator between the realms of flesh and spirit, and–most of all–the functions of the Crone: funeraray priestess and Death Mother, controlling the circumstances of death as she controlled those of birth. In their anxiety to deny the Crone archetype through religious imagery, patriarchal societies even denies the fact of death itself » (p. 32).

Reading this book was making me want to kick my husband and son out of the house. I had to stop reading it. I wish it gave even a TINY bit of space to a vision of co-operation between the genders.

I would have enjoyed the book more if I had received more description of these roles (healer, judge, wise-woman, etc.) and less description on how and why men throughout each era have suppressed these gifts. Ironically, the book suppresses them too by using the « language of the father » by doing a ton of scholarly argument about their absence. I learn much more about crone wisdom from storytelling. I read 3 chapters in their entirety and skimmed the rest. I’ll read some folktales that feature strong women as a way to learn more about the powers of the crone.

Here are the chapter titles:

Introduction (a lot about the distortion and suppression of the triple goddess: mother, maiden and crone).
The Lost Crone (an overview of how society is missing out)
The Wise Crone (specific cultural examples of goddesses and other wise archetypes and how patriarchies suppressed them)
The Terrible Crone
The Crone and the Cauldron
The Crone Turns Witch
The Doomsday Crone
The Future Crone

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Title: Power Stones: The Mimicking Marauder (Power Stones Series Book #2)<br>

Title: Power Stones: The Mimicking Marauder (Power Stones Series Book #2)

Author: B.S. Barker

Pages: 420
Description: A year has passed since Max Martin’s life went from normal to extraordinary after he and his three best friends discovered magical stones that granted them access to Monolitho. After a long summer, Max is anxious to return for his second year at the Academy for stone holders. Little did he know, returning to the secret world would plunge him into the middle of the Mausoleum of Sacred Stones investigation as a key suspect. Max must find the true culprit to restore his bloodied name before it is too late. However, the biggest challenge of all is solving the crime while still living his life back on Earth as a seventh grader.
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Title: Out of the Dark<br>

Title: Out of the Dark

Author: Sharon Sala

ISBN: 9780778324027
Pages: 378
Description: A New York Times Bestseller Street artist Jade remembers little of her childhood except for the time she spent under the ruthless control of a cult leader, a time marked by terrible abuse and suffering. For the fifteen years since she escaped his grasp, she has survived by living on the streets and never putting down roots. Ex-cop Luke Kelly knows his friend Sam Cochrane wants nothing more than to find his daughter, Jade, who was taken from him as a child. So Luke uses all his connections to make that happen, not knowing that by reuniting Jade with her father he is exposing her to a deadly peril.
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Dark Inside<br>

Dark Inside

Author: Jeyn Roberts

ISBN: 9780230756182
Pages: 368
Description: yesterday i was in a discussion with some dude about teen fiction, and why it is so damn compelling and why we were lately reading it to the exclusion of all other literature,despite our grown status, and his reason was because of the instant gratification of it – that the pacing is such that it can generally be read in one sitting and you want to keep reading it. and it doesn’t mean that it is mindless, like a lot of adult page-turner fiction, but that it is frequently too exciting to stop reading. and i actually tend to be less indulgent with YA authors than adult authors, because if i feel they are trying to pull a fast one or get sloppy/lazy because of the age of their audience, i get pissed, so i am not just reading it without my critical faculties.

i like to think of myself as a discriminating YA reader with a narrow focus. take your love stories and shove ’em. i don’t care about your divorced parents or your worries over college or your love for some long-dead sparkle of a boy.

i wanna see you survive.
go on, survive for me.

i am so glad we are still in the end times/dystopian phase of YA lit. there is so much to read, i can barely keep up! and then tommy goes and gives me ARCs and i swoon with pleasure.

however. i will say that the pacing in this one really made me mad. i brought it to my jury duty, unread, thinking, i will probably be able to finish this before my servitude is over. and then i went and finished it with three hours left to go! fortunately, i brought a back-up book, but you try reading small-printed dense biography/history when the family feud is on in the background, a show which makes you stupider just by being in the same room as a television showing it. survey says: kill yourself.

i had not noticed the television at all when reading dark inside. i even read through that promotional video they make you watch about the role and responsibility of the jury
bad juror.

this is like a YA version of david moody’s hater and dog blood series. after a mighty earthquake, something is released that causes ordinary people to just start killin’. some people remain unaffected, and they are the hunted.

can you tell who is a killer and who is not??

um… sometimes.
best be careful.

there are so many great scenes in here, none of which i can talk about because they are better left to be discovered by a reader. there is one supremely ballsy scene in which a character does something selfish but understandable and many people suffer because of it that i hope does not get softened by anything in the sequel. if this were australian YA fiction, i would not even question it. american YA… it would be likely that somehow things would still turn out okay.

canadian YA?? well, let’s wait and see.

i feel like this should have been much much longer; there’s like a big game-changing situation that happens 3/4 of the way through, and this « turn » happened so late in the book that it seems cruel to make readers wait for another book right when things started changing!

come on!

i resent you, ARC, because first i have to wait for this book to come out for you regular folk (heh heh) and then i have to wait for a whole ‘nother book before i can be satisfied.

so for all my throes of excitement over the pacing of YA, it frequently just ruins my life. thankfully, there is a ton of the stuff out there. this one is just better than most.

come to my blog!
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Title: A Soldier’s Story<br>

Title: A Soldier’s Story

Author: Omar Nelson Bradley

ISBN: 9780375754210
Pages: 688
Description: D-Day, the Battle of the Bulge, the liberation of Paris, the relentless drive through Germany toward Allied victory–Omar Bradley, the « GI General, » was there for every major engagement in the European theater. A Soldier’s Story is the behind-the-scenes eyewitness account of the war that shaped our century: the tremendous manpower at work, the unprecedented stakes, the snafus that almost led to defeat, the larger-than-life personalities and brilliant generals (Patton, Eisenhower, Montgomery) who masterminded it all. One of the two books on which the movie Patton was based, A Soldier’s Story is a compelling and vivid memoir from the greatest military tactician of our time.
The books in the Modern Library War series have been chosen by series editor Caleb Carr according to the significance of their subject matter, their contribution to the field of military history, and their literary merit.
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Author: Nick Hornby

ISBN: 9780399250484
Pages: 309
Description: Bestselling author Nick Hornby delivers his first novel for young adults.

For 16-year-old Sam, life is about to get extremely complicated. He and his girlfriend—make that ex-girlfriend— Alicia have gotten themselves into a bit of trouble. Sam is suddenly forced to grow up and struggle with the familiar fears and inclinations that haunt us all.

Nick Hornby’s poignant and witty novel shows a rare and impressive understanding of human relationships and what it really means to be a man.
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Title: The Gilded Harvest<br>

Title: The Gilded Harvest

Author: Richard Myerscough

Pages: 261
Description: Repeated global crop failures caused man’s ideals to fade. In less than a decade his gilded prize switched from monetary to human flesh.
After the ice from a mini global freeze melted, people began to emerge from their underground complexes. Unprepared for a harsh surface life, the naïve were butchered while the shrewd adapted. Reduced to using crude black powder, rival clans hunted each other for meat.
Sarah was brutally hobbled after her family was butchered. Her foreign beliefs made her baulk the laws governing her captures. Curious about the fate of the rest of her clan, she joined some of her capturers in their bloody quest to survive.
Amidst the battling hordes of cannibals and cunning opportunists, no was safe. As the species fed upon itself, even man’s future was bleak.
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The Sending<br>

The Sending

Author: Isobelle Carmody

ISBN: 9780670853595
Pages: 755
Description: It came to me then, like a chilly draught from an unseen gap, that I had always known in my deepest heart that it would be like this, a slipping away from a life full of people I had come to love, in a place I had helped to shape, in a land I had helped to free.

The time has come at last for Elspeth Gordie to leave the Land on her quest to find and stop the computermachine Sentinel from unleashing the deadly Balance of Terror arsenal. But before she can embark on her journey, she must find a lost key. And although she has long prepared for this day, nothing is as she anticipated.

Elspeth’s search will take her where she never thought to go, and bestow upon her stranger companions than any she ever imagined. It will lead her far from her destination to those she believed lost forever.

And it will test her, as she has never been tested before . . .
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Remembering the Bones<br>

Remembering the Bones

Author: Frances Itani

ISBN: 9780002005401
Pages: 282
Description: Best-selling author Frances Itani’s second novel is a beautifully written, moving tale of the staying power of family through time and memory, and the extent to which individual lives can influence and resonate in the world around them. Born on the exact same day as Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, Canadian Georgina Witley is invited to an eightieth birthday lunch at Buckingham Palace. All she has to do is drive to the airport and board the plane for London. Except that Georgie drives off the edge of the road, her car plunging into a thickly wooded ravine. Thrown from the car, injured, and unable to move, she must rely on her full store of family memories, her no-nonsense wit, and a recitation of the names of the bones in her body–an exercise from childhood–to remind her she is still alive. As Georgina lies stranded and helpless, she reflects on her role as a daughter, mother, sister, wife, and widow, on lost loves and painful secrets.
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